I decided to become a hairstylist because of my innate ability to build strong lasting relationships with most anyone I encounter. I am also motivated by my creativeness that helps make my clients feel more confident.  I got my start in the beauty industry by attending cosmetology school at Creations and found a job at a different salon, right after graduation. shelbyfleurI dabbled in other professions. However, I always found myself being drawn back to the salon life. However, once I found Fleur de Lis I feel I’ve found my home.

The constantly changing styles and trends inspire me the most. Fashion motivates me to keep up on my education & training, as the beauty industry is ever evolving. While I do appreciate the changing  trends, my professional style of work is putting a personalized twist on the classics we’ve loved for years.  I am fortunate enough to work with an amazing group of professionals who compliment, encourage, support and inspire each other everyday. The uniqueness & individuality of each and every one of my clients keeps me on my toes & consistently striving to be a better stylist, while perfecting my craft.




“I love Shelby!  She does a fabulous job on color- both touch up root coverage and highlights. She’s also given me great cuts with nice, long layers.  I have high maintenance hair and it’s so nice to be able to sit back, relax and entrust Shelby to beautify this mop!”~Steph B. (Yelp)