What are Tape-In Donna Bella Extensions?

Donna Bella Extensions are made of 100% human hair that has been ventilated (hand tied) into a polyurethane strip and lined with medical grade adhesive. This patented technology makes for a truly simple application like no other on the market. With roots in the medical hair replacement industry, Donna Bella Hair Extensions offers a simple, safe, fast alternative to women who do not wish to wear traditional hair extensions that require weaving, bonding, or glues.

Our newest method of installing extensions is the Tape-In method. The women who prefer this like how fast installation is. The Tape-In hair extensions are not only the fastest of our extensions to install, they are also the most seamless. Because the tape lays flat, like the hair, the look and feel of these extensions is extremely natural. And even though the installation process is very quick, the extensions last just as long as the other methods.

Here’s How It Works

Step 1 – Come in for a free 30 minute complimentary consultation with one of our hair extension specialists.  Together, we will discuss your desired outcome and educate you on the maintenance of your extensions.  We will also go over your anticipated maintenance expense designed to keep your extensions looking fresh.

Step 2 – Put down the 50% deposit for your hair extensions.  We order them immediately and schedule your extension application appointment.

Step 3 – Come in for your application appointment and leave feeling fabulous and confident about your new look!