My name is Elizabeth and I am so proud to say I am apart of the Fleur de Lis Salon team. I have always had a passion for hair since I was a little girl and now I’m sharing my passion with all my clients and co workers.
The reason why I went into the beauty industry right out of high school is because growing up I have always been experimental with my own hair and was always intrigued with my stylists fleurelizabethas they did my hair. The impact they had on my life was more than expected. They were my confidence builders and hair educators and I always looked forward to my next visits. Now I am in their position and it is so rewarding.  There’s not a better feeling in the world than making my guests not only look great but feel great about themselves as they walk out of the salon.
I got started in the industry by first attending Pivot Point international academy of cosmetology and received my license 9 months after starting the program. I then fell into an Aveda salon where I was strictly trained in Aveda’s products and techniques. I have not left the Aveda line since which is another reason why I love Fleur de Lis Salon. I love Aveda!
So many things in the world inspire me. But mainly the fashion world  including magazines, media, Hollywood etc. All the changing trends inspire me to continue my education and stay up in the popular looks and trends.
I can go and say that all the platform artists and Aveda pure-fessionals inspire me the most which is true to an extent but more importantly my current co workers along with stylists Ive worked with in the past have inspired me with their impeccable talent and knowledge. Seeing their work everyday inspires me to keep doing what I love and grow as a stylist and colorist.