Hair Artist and Colorist

I was a creative kid, to say the least: always looking for an outlet. Whether it was cultivating my own clothes out of my brother’s hand-me-downs or using an egg as a pet to show my parents that I was fully capable of caring for a dog. I made do with what I had.

Growing up, my parents thought I was going to be a nurse. I always cared for others as a child, wounded or sad, I was there to apply the band-aid or crack a joke. Never, in a million years, did they think I would venture into the beauty industry. I was 15 when my Aunt Olga opened a salon and offered me my very first job. A Classic foot-in-the-door position as a shampoo girl in Highland Park.

I was young and fascinated, watching the seasoned professionals from the sideline. That’s where I fell in love. They were precise, creative, and confident. The client asked, and they delivered tenfold, giving confidence to every single person that walked through the door. It felt like my second home, I always wanted to be there, even on my days off. I worked at the salon for 4 years, graduated high school, and then PLOT TWIST! I decided that culinary school should be my next creative challenge…

Four more years later, I graduated, tried my hand at a bakery in Milwaukee, and decided it was more of a hobby than a career path for me. I moved home after six months and picked up a receptionist position at, you guessed it, A SALON.

Anyways, my Aunt gave me the final push I needed to attend Cosmetology school, and… well… here I am. It may have taken me nine years to realize, but I made it and could not be happier with my journey. I may not be caring for people in the literal way a nurse does, but I care through every conversation, interaction, and transformation.

My technical skills are evolving with every day that passes at Fleur Salon. Some have been passed down from seasoned stylists with more than 40 years of experience, while others taught in passing during a busy day. If you would like to get a feel for my work, check me out on Instagram!
IG: @srlincoln_hair

I look forward to meeting all of you and transforming Barrington one head at a time!

(Woman and Mens haircutting, Balayage, and Color)