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They’re finally here!!! Workshops!!!

Here is our Summer Schedule for our much talked about Hair & Makeup Workshops that start this week💐

We’re hosting a Bomber Betty Makeup Class in June & July {words can’t even explain how excited we are!}

Class size are limited to 5-10 individuals to make sure that each participant is soaking up all the knowledge that our instructors have to give:)

This weeks classes are:

Hot Tools:
Learn how to not damage your beautiful tresses with your straightener/curling wand/blow dryer. You’ll learn what products are a MUST HAVE and a couple tricks of the trade.

Click Link to sign up:

Teen Beauty:
Ugh. This class is a must for ladies 11-17. You’ll get schooled how what is what and what does what and when to use what (trust us, it makes sense).

Click link to sign up:

If you have any questions please EMAIL us at as we are not in the salon today! Or you can call us tomorrow at 11am!


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